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World’s First Global Standards for Age Services Industry Response to the Pandemic (LASA Fusion Magazine Article)

Standards Wise International has recently featured in the Industry Magazine – LASA Fusion Summer 2021.

We have recently released a Pandemic Protective Package with great potential for organisations to be as prepared as possible for living with COVID based on four months research of best practice and lessons learned over the past 18 months, importantly to protect residents/clients and risks to organisations.

We have taken this time to develop the supporting package due to the seriousness of the predicament and research through our audits showing improvement opportunities for the sector. We are facing a different scenario in Australia from now on where we were dealing with COVID using a ‘suppression strategy’, but now there will be a large number of cases in the community and ‘living with COVID’.

We have looked at all the potential issues and also the lessons from Australia and overseas (14 countries were included such as the UK and Japan), in particular Victoria over the last 18 months and deaths in aged care/Coroner’s reports and have had first-hand experience with advising aged care homes interstate which had COVID cases.

The Package also includes a comprehensive survey and then there is an opportunity to share documents for us to assess such as continuity plans and COVID -19 plans. There are lots of clues in the survey on what to do/not to do which provides value by itself.

We then analyse the results of the questionnaire along with other similar organisations, and also those from different sectors and provide you back with three benchmarking results/reports – 1. Your facility/community services report; 2. Your standing in the sector in relationship to other participants from around the country in aged care, and then 3. An overall report based on all participants – expect 200-400.

The fees to participate are $2,000 (ex GST) for a large organisation (Annual Revenue $10 million +) and discounted to $990 (ex GST) for a small organisation (Annual Revenue < $10 million).

We also have an extensive library of COVID 19 specific documents going beyond the minimum and basic government docs, training modules on a variety of related topics ranging from fitting PPE through to rapid induction of workers brought in, and consultancy which organisations can access on a fee for service basis depending on the outcome of their report to fill any gaps.

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