Assisted Living Environments


Assisted Living Environments Partner Services

The Standards Wise management team are able to provide all aspects of Assisted Living management including:

Service Management

Day to day operational administration:

  • Development of organizational structure
  • Staff selection and training
  • Monthly reporting to the owner
  • Representative of the owner
Tenant/Resident Management

Management of an assisted living community goes far beyond traditional management practices. This is because the service environment not only has staff, but tenants, their committees, family and relatives, social activities, care and support etc. to effectively administer on an ongoing basis.

Standards Wise adopts full and open communication and disclosure to ensure a happy and harmonious environment.

To assist this, it is important that your tenants/residents’ committees are properly structured and democratically elected to ensure that they are truly representative of the village residents.

Tenants/Residents living in your Assisted Living Environment have made a lifestyle choice and can be your best advertisement.


Basic Care/Clinical

Provision of domestic assistance, personal care, stand by supervision, medication assistance.

The cleaning service would be tailored to the specific requirements of the client. A total service can be provided, including day and night cleaning; cleaning of all interior and exterior buildings and facilities.

Personal care would be provided by registered carers and tailored to individual needs on a fee for service basis.

Medication assistance would be provided by credentialed carers



Coordination services of group events and individual interests and social pursuits.

Enable tenants/residents to participate in social interaction of their own choosing, based on individual preferences, at their pace. This requires a facilitation role and reduces costs of building ‘entertainment’ infrastructure which is often used only 25% of the time in our experience.

Implementation of an events weekly/monthly/annual calendar based on tenant/resident preferences.

Booking of entertainment, transport to events as required to facilitate the social needs and program.

Development of an onsite ‘Club’ to foster connectedness and friendships between tenants/residents. Empower tenants/residents to run this themselves as much as possible.


Hospital in the Home

Nursing services provided on a short term basis for stabalised patients able to be managed in their own home.

Standards Wise founder David Stevens co-developed the pilot programs for Hospital Avoidance and Hospital in the Home on behalf of private hospitals and the Australian Government over 20 years ago. These programs have been providing the Health Care system substantial cost savings ever since and are still seen as a model for Hospital avoidance.

This type of service preserves stability and dignity for tenants/residents, not having to enter hospital and/or leaving early to be cared for at home by experienced nurses.

The successful model does not require fulltime nursing services. There is some coordination required, but then the short term intervention plan for each person is time limited and nursing staff checking and monitoring at different times according to need. Some overnight active and passive assistance can also be provided. Suppliers often donate gift baskets. Equipment is minimal.

Risk Management – Risk management tis an opportunity to save costs and improve the consumer experience and work environment. Done well, organisations benefit from managing out most risks and growing the organisation to provide better outcomes for consumers. We support organisations to develop robust risk management plans, provide training to staff, and strengthen their mitigation strategies to eliminate and/or reduce risk to be a low as possible.

Compliance – This is a responsibility to demonstrate the organisation works within legislative and funding requirements, meeting standards reasonably expected of providers. Remedying Non-compliance is often expensive  and causes great disruption to services and organisations. We support organisations to meet their compliance requirements and move towards exceeding standards.

Customer Service – We assist organisations to strive for better practice as an ongoing culture and use evidenced based strategies to meet consumer needs. Through mentoring and coaching at a leadership and team leader level, we are able to support organisations to develop an exciting and innovative culture.

Audit – We conduct a wide range of audits across Australia including desktop, one to 5 day audits for Health, Aged care, Mental Health, AOD, Homelessness, Aboriginal Medical services on a one off and/or ongoing basis against the relevant standards.

Organisations receive a detailed report and action plan within 7 working days and immediate risk reports if serious matters are identified.

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Standards Wise is committed to being inclusive. We highly value and celebrate diversity and believe in equity. We demonstrate this through inclusive employment and through business practices that ensure that people of diverse social groups, such as culturally and linguistically diverse communities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, members of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex communities, people on the autism spectrum and those living with visible and invisible disability are treated with respect and equity.

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